Charlie Deist

About Charlie Deist

Charlie comes from San Francisco, studied economics at UC Berkeley, and found his passion in the seasteading movement. He was Staff Writer for the Seasteading Institute for two years, and now produces radio programs for the Bob Zadek Show (based in SF). Follow him at @chdeist.

Charlie Deist: Fan the Flames of Freedom

I recently jumped at the opportunity to attend the back-to-back Liberty English Camps in the Czech Republic and Italy – not as an instructor, but as an American onlooker and quasi-participant. The balance of lectures, leisure, conversation, and sight-seeing was exactly what I was looking for in a vacation, but the package delivered much more than just a rest from my daily routine.

In lectures, workshops, and casual conversation, we examined how laws and norms differ in the European continent versus the Anglosphere, and how the the West of Europe differs from the East. Thus day trips functioned as applied lessons in liberty and free markets, which continue to set the world alight with a burning, pulsing network of voluntary exchange (even my American ignorance of native languages and culture was no barrier to trade!).

In Sorrento, our distinguished speaker John Chisholm gave workshops in entrepreneurship, encouraging each participant to “unleash their inner companies.” It was inspiring to watch students reflect on their freedom in practical terms, and to brainstorm real ways of creating value for society and the individual. Back in America, it’s easy to fall into the habit of taking these freedoms for granted, even as they continually come under siege. Thanks to the vividness of the lessons provided by the camps, though, I won’t quickly forget the need to keep fanning the flames of freedom.