Our First Liberty Camp in America

In early February 2013, LLI had the privilege to conduct its first Liberty Camp in America: in beautiful, sunny Miami (when the rest of America was shivering) at the University of Miami, Coral Gables Campus. This event was organized by The Cuba Corps (TCC), an organization dedicated to the cause of a free Cuba, and offering humanitarian support to groups already working for a civil society in Cuba. TCC, supported by The Atlas Society, did a great job organizing this seminar at Casa Bacardi, the official home of the Institute of Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS), led by Dr. José Azel, author of Mañana in Cuba.

The participants at the seminar were a mix of recent arrivals from Cuba, some of whom had been in jail as political prisoners, less than 12 months ago, and representatives of the Cuban-American population in Miami, Florida. Hearing the philosophical basis for the concept of individual freedom for the first time, many of the recent arrivals from Cuba, born and brought up after Castro’s 1959 revolution, were astonished that there has been an established philosophical framework for freedom for several centuries already. When you are living in a society that consistently denigrates the idea of individual liberty, it is easy to think that you are not “normal” for wanting to express your individuality and your desire to live your life as you please and not as the State pleases.

For the LLI presenters, including Jaroslav Romanchuk from Belarus, still suffering under a current dictatorship, and Jacek Spendel from Poland, itself freed from communism less than 25 years ago, it was deeply rewarding to share the good news of individual liberty, free enterprise, free markets, and entrepreneurship with people who have suffered so much in this so-called Caribbean “paradise” of Castro and communism. LLI fully supports the vision of The Cuba Corps to establish a civil society in a Free Cuba and wishes them every success!


Andy Eyschen About Andy Eyschen

Andy Eyschen is a co-founder and director of the Language of Liberty Institute. An Australian citizen, originally from Luxembourg, Andy currently works as a management consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Andy’s special contribution to LLI and the Liberty Camps is his broad experience with consulting, organizational development, and training programs.