Founded in 2005, the Language of Liberty Institute develops and organizes educational youth camps with a focus on entrepreneurship, free market economics and classical liberal philosophy.

The students who attend an LLI Liberty English Camp come away with a basic understanding of how free societies operate and how economic freedom, through entrepreneurship, supports individual freedom.

From a modest beginning of  1–2 camps every summer, LLI has grown to be the largest organizer of Liberty Camps, delivering as many as 10 camps per year in several countries across central Europe, the Balkans, central Asia, Africa and Latin America.

As our camp season has expanded, so has our team. Our staff varies from camp to camp, depending on the goals and services agreed to with our local partners. We draw from our extensive list of talented friends and camp veterans to create ad hoc teams that deliver the best possible camp experience for each unique group of students.

We offer a comprehensive and customizable package to guarantee a successful and satisfying Liberty Camp. We work with the local partner to

  • provide camp methodology, format, and structure
  • find, coach, and manage teachers, discussion leaders, and other staff
  • develop English-language course materials on classical liberal and other topics
  • provide web support, marketing, and registration
  • create online communities for camp staff and students
  • assist students in preparing business plans and finding micro-funding
  • connect students with networks to pursue additional studies in English, business, or classical liberal topics.

We are registered as a non-profit corporation in the US State of Arizona. We have applied to the US Internal Revenue Service for our 501(c)(3) status.