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Be an LLI Student

Liberty English Camp is a unique experience: part holiday, part seminar, part workshop, part exploration. Typically, our camps number about 20-40 students, currently students in their early 20s, plus 5-8 staff. Our camp venues are usually secluded, resort type of areas — small hotels, hostels, cabins. Our programs last six days and nights, and include meals, lodging and program materials.

Most of our students are interested in entrepreneurship and starting their own business. They have some knowledge or interest in free market economics and classical liberal thought, and have moderate English ability.

Our entire program is presented in English. If you are interested in attending a camp, please go to the page of an upcoming camp that interests you and contact our local partner, who will answer your questions and help you with registration.

List of the camps you can find here.

Be an LLI Teacher

For each Liberty Camp, we assemble a team of five to seven talented, free-spirited individuals from around the world who are motivated to share their time and life experience with students in small class groups, and less formally in evening activities such as debates, skits, campfire conversations and songs.

A better term than “teacher” to describe this role would be “discussion leader” or “facilitator”.

If you have an open mind, a sense of adventure, willingness to engage in conversation and share with new friends, and a curiosity about different cultures, you will enjoy this experience. Our teachers are all volunteers, and usually pay their own transportation and camp fees.

Want to know more? Please contact us here.

Be an LLI Camp Host

If you represent a think tank, an NGO, or a student group, being a local partner is a rewarding way to have an impact on a group of young people and foster real social and economic change. Each Liberty Camp is a joint venture between the local partner and Language of Liberty Institute. We bring our experience in program development, instructors, and materials.

Think of a camp as your youth outreach program, ready to implement. You provide the on-the-ground knowledge, venue locating and booking, budget development, local sponsor development, camp marketing and students. Don’t worry, we provide a lot of guidance along the way.

If you are thinking about becoming a local partner, we recommend attending an existing camp first, for a day or the whole week, to see exactly how it all works. To get the discussion started, please contact us here.

Be an LLI Sponsor

Becoming a sponsor of Language of Liberty Institute or a specific camp is a wonderful way to invest in the future of young lives.

Liberty Camp is an opportunity for many students to get their first glimpse at a future they themselves construct. By teaching them about limited government, free markets, and entrepreneurship, we provide a framework they can use to create new opportunities, new businesses, and civil solutions to problems.

However, the nominal fee students pay to attend is not enough to cover the actual full cost of meals, lodging, classes and evening activities. So we ask for your help to make camps happen.

Examples of how you can support our camps:

  • Donate to our scholarship fund, for one or more students.
  • Donate to our general fund, to help with staff transportation, marketing, web work, and sustainability.
  • Fund a special project, such as courseware development, or shipments of books and materials.
  • Sign up as a voluntourist. Spend your next vacation by doing something that really makes a difference in spreading freedom — contribute your time and talents as a teacher/ discussion leader.

The Language of Liberty Institute is registered as a non-profit corporation in the US State of Arizona. We have applied to the US Internal Revenue Service for our 501(c)(3) status. You may contribute to us with e-check or credit card, securely online via our donate page.