The Language of Liberty Institute has adopted these policies to govern our relationships and activities.

Local Partners
The Language of Liberty Institute will work with local partners (LP) to organize camps in various countries.
The roles and responsibilities of LLI and the LP are described in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by LLI and the LP.

Camp Participants
Students, teachers, voluntourists, guest speakers, and organizers attend Liberty Camps at their own discretion and take responsibility for their own actions.
All participants are expected to apply libertarian principles at all times and to refrain from doing intentional harm or initiating force, fraud or coercion.

Medical Emergency
LLI and the LP will take “best effort” steps to provide medical and other assistance in the event of accidents or emergencies.
Neither LLI nor the LP accepts liability for unforeseen events, and participants are encouraged to take out their own insurance based on their own needs and concerns.

Privacy Policy
Email addresses and other personal information obtained during inquiry or registration for camp are retained only for LLI’s communication purposes and are not shared, sold, or rented to other organizations without your permission.