Our Liberty Team

Glenn Cripe – Executive Director

Since 2005, Glenn has brought LLI’s Liberty Camps and Seminars to over 3000 students in 28 countries, expanding his network of freedom fighters around the world. When not hosting Liberty Camps, Glenn recruits and develops new local partners, teachers, and donors for the Institute. He also enjoys playing classical piano, attending jazz, opera, and folk events, and hiking in the Arizona mountains and desert.

Before co-founding the Institute, Glenn pursued a career in IT development, consulting, and training. He takes special pride in having helped organize the project to translate and publish the works of Ayn Rand into Russian in 1993 — the first time her works could be read in her native language.

Originally from Chicago, now an Arizona resident, Glenn has lived in a dozen cities in the US and abroad. He studied languages, finance, and economics at Indiana University. He speaks Italian, French, and a bit of German.

Andy Eyschen

Andy is a co-founder and director of the Language of Liberty Institute. An Australian citizen, originally from Luxembourg, Andy currently works as a management consultant from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Andy’s special contribution to LLI and the Liberty Camps is his broad experience with consulting, organizational development, and training programs.

Jacek Spendel

Having organized our annual Liberty Camps in Poland since 2008, Jacek is now our Vice President and European Program Director. In addition, he runs the Project Arizona and Polish-American Leadership Academy projects, and often joins our other camps as a presenter and discussion leader.

He is a founder and president of the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation in Poland, served as the first local coordinator in Poland for European Students For Liberty. He also owns a pizza business in his home city – Katowice.

Jacek graduated in Sociology from the University of Silesia, where he was president of KoLiber (Conservative-Libertarian) Youth Association. He then studied at Georgetown University, and gained experience in think-tank management from Globalization Institute (Poland), and the Fund for American Studies and the Goldwater Institute (USA).

Adedayo Thomas

Adedayo Thomas, from Nigeria, is our Africa regional coordinator. He is also the executive director and publisher at African Liberty Organization for Development (ALOD), a Nigerian think tank that promotes the ideas and institutions of a free society in Africa.

In addition to earning degrees in theatre arts, public relations, and development studies, Adedayo has completed programs at Cato University and the Atlas Economic Research Foundation.

Adedayo has researched and presented several papers on economic development, conflict, good governance and democracy at national and international conferences. He regularly carries his evangelism of a free society to university students throughout English-speaking Africa via book fairs and seminars, as well as LLI Liberty Camps.

Adedayo has published the African edition of books by Johan Norberg, Frederic Bastiat, Tom G. Palmer, Ken Schoolland, and George Ayittey, among others. He has also published articles in both national and international media.

He serves on the board of Istanbul Network For Liberty (UK) and the Chairman of the Foundation for Economic Initiative and Development (Nigeria).

David Hutzelman

David is a retired Director of Information Systems for a Fortune 100 company and teacher of economics. He has volunteered with Junior Achievement, worked for CATO, and currently sits on the boards of various citizen political action committees in Texas. David has a keen interest in teaching the next generation of leaders about Austrian economics, capitalism and the morality of classical liberalism. He hosts a monthly TV talk show about liberty-oriented topics and guests on a local access TV station in Houston.

Robin Koerner

Robin Koerner, born in England and a recently-naturalized American citizen, is the founder and publisher of WatchingAmerica.com, an organization of 400 volunteers dedicated to translating and posting in English news and views about the USA from all over the world.

Robin is also a Featured Author at the Huffington Post, Daily Paul and the Daily Capitalist. He is now best known in the USA as the person who coined the term “Blue Republican” to refer to Independents and Democrats who registered Republican specifically to support Ron Paul in 2012. Most of his important writings, including the article that inspired the Blue Republican movement, can be found at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/robin-koerner/

He continues to write, interview and give university lectures to spread a post-partisan classical liberal account of American politics that supersedes the Left vs. Right paradigm. To this end, he gave nearly 50 TV and radio interviews in 2012. Robin hopes to use the Blue Republican brand to facilitate the mainstreaming of classical liberalism in the USA.

Robin is currently Communications Director for “The Tax Revolution Is Here – What It Is Why We Need It”.
He recently published his first book, “If You Can Keep It”, that presents an utterly original account of American politics and explains why We the People have done such a poor job of keeping our Republic.

Robin has lived on three continents, and has experience in media, real estate investment and teaching. He holds degrees in physics and philosophy from Cambridge University.

Neil Lock

Neil earned his degree from Cambridge University in Mathematics, but quickly decided that academe didn’t suit him, so he began a career in software development. He specializes in software testing, and prides himself on his ability to break code. One year, he took a leave from his work to ride a bicycle across North America. He also frequently finds time to teach at Liberty Camps, and has written and self-published two books: “Going Galactic” (a science fiction novel), and “Honest Common Sense” (liberal philosophy).

Jaroslav Romanchuk

Jaroslav comes to us from Minsk, Belarus, where he promotes freedom as a teacher, writer, and political activist. Trained in economics and foreign languages, he has taught many classes in those areas for universities and private groups. He has published hundreds of articles on economic problems (monetary policy, pension reform, effectiveness of state poverty programs, comparative analysis of social economic models, crisis of welfare state in the West etc.) in various Belarusian and international mass media.

Having written four books, and co-authored seven more, Jaroslav is an expert on transitioning from communism to freedom in former Soviet states. Two of these books earned him the Fisher and Templeton Awards from the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (Washington, DC). To publicize further classical liberal ideas and reforms, he was active in the opposition United Civil Party for eleven years as Deputy Chairman, and ran for the office of President of Belarus in 2010.

As co-founder and president of the Scientific Research Mises Center, a free-market think tank in Minsk, Jaroslav continues to write and promote reforms and laws for pensions, taxes, corruption, privatization, and much more. He is also a co-founder of Language of Liberty Institute, and for over ten years has brought dozens of young Belarusians, Lithuanians, and Ukrainians to Liberty Camps and seminars, where they can openly discuss the ideas of freedom, often for the first time.

Sadaf Hussain

Sadaf currently works at Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) as a Program Manager in charge of projects that promote economic freedom. He previously has worked with the Centre for Civil Society (CCS), Zee News and other media houses. His experience lies mostly in spreading liberty by implementing large scale social projects.

As a dedicated classical liberal, Sadaf loves to engage young people in liberal policy debates. He blogs on issues in the fields of economics and politics and has been published on various platforms including Huffpost India, DNA, Swarajya Magazine, Youth Ki Awaaz, The Indian Economist and Spontaneous Order.

Besides spreading liberty, Sadaf’s other passion is cooking. He conducts food workshops, does YouTube food videos and has a website called www.foodandstreets.com. He was among the top 8 contestants on “Master Chef India” (2016), has a keen interest in promoting Indian food, and consults with a few restaurants in Delhi on their menu designs.

Sadaf graduated in Advertising from St. Xavier’s College, and holds a Masters degree in Animation, and is a TEDx speaker.

His three favourite F words are Food, Friday and Freedom.

Marina Brierley

A History and Philosophy graduate from the University of New South Wales, Marina worked as a computer programmer, first in Sydney, then London. She later moved into education and taught history in an English grammar school for many years; she is also qualified to teach English as a foreign language.

She is the author of ‘Russian Roots’, a family history, chronicling the escape of her forebears from Stalin’s Russia – the former Soviet Union. The book provides brief histories from a classical liberal viewpoint, of China – where the family fled, and the USSR. Though of Russian heritage, and a speaker of Russian, Marina is Australian by birth and British by choice. She is deeply committed to individual freedom and the philosophy of liberty – the product of her background, research and extensive travel experiences in over 50 countries, mainly in Asia and the developing world.

Joe Cobb

Joe Cobb earned degrees in economics at the University of Chicago, where he also edited the NEW INDIVIDUALIST REVIEW — “A Journal of Classical Liberal Thought.” Its editorial advisors included Milton Friedman and F.A. Hayek. Ralph Raico and Ronald Hamowy were founding editors; Friedman, Hayek, Von Mises, and Rothbard contributed articles.

Joe then went to Washington, DC where he worked for Ron Paul on the House Banking Committee and helped create and enact the Gold Eagle Bullion Coin program of the U.S. Mint. He was Republican Staff Director of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee under Senator Roth, and Chief Economist for the Senate Republican Policy Committee under Senator Nickles. Following his congressional work, Joe joined The Heritage Foundation as its John M. Olin Senior Fellow in Economics.

Joe now lives in the Phoenix area, and is Treasurer of the Arizona Libertarian Party. In his frequent Congressional campaigns, he advocates repealing our nation’s immigration quota system to allow more workers to come into the United States legally.